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Application For Financial Support Essay

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Growing up in Mexico provided me with opportunities to observe socio-economic disparities and income inequalities throughout my childhood. I have observed the unfortunate economic circumstances in which millions of people live, especially those from disadvantaged rural groups. My participation in community service projects has also given me a hands-on approach to witness and experience this unfortunate situation and has been a primary motivating force in my studies. I believe in the possibility of collective work targeted to create conditions for economic growth and improvements in the quality of life.
I am applying for financial support as, unfortunately, my family does not have enough funds to cover my tuition and living expenses at LSE. I am applying for financial support from LSE to supplement a scholarship from CONACYT, which, if secured, would partly cover fees and living expenses. I am a highly committed student who has worked really hard to attain academic achievements. I have overcome a great deal of financial and familiar difficulties in order to stand out and progress towards my professional goals. Starting with my enrolment in the IB Programme I was determined to pursue international education. As an international student in Canada I have developed passion and dedication to my studies with the constant vision of attending LSE for postgraduate education. My dreams to be part of the global excellence of LSE have been a constant motivating factor in my studies and my undergraduate life. However, I require financial aid in order to attain my goals and realize my dreams.
Since high school, I have received financial support based on my academic achievements, involvement, and leadership skills. At ITESM, where I completed the IB Diploma Programme, I had a 30% scholarship, for which I had to complete daily teacher assistance duties. My undergraduate studies have been financed partly by my parents and from awards from York University. For 8 years, since 1998, my parents invested in an education fund, which has covered most of my undergraduate studies. I was awarded the International Circle of Scholars Entrance Award, which covered around 65% of the tuition fees for my first year and also received a Continuing Student Scholarship in my third year. During my second year I had a part-time work position at York University’s main library, which greatly contributed for my living expenses. Nonetheless, it was a real struggle to balance school work, sports, community involvement and a part-time job, and I realized the significant effect on my school performance as my grades were notably affected. In my third year I stopped working part-time as I became the Financial Director of a community service group. Even though it was volunteer work, the president offered us honoraries for our hard work, which greatly contributed to finance my living expenses. After third year I took a year off and returned to Mexico, where I worked at two companies. Even...

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