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Application: Historical Eras In Human Services

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Similar to other professions and/or social issues, there has been tremendous growth within the history of the human services field. There are different specializations that fall under this professional spectrum such as mental health, social work, and crisis intervention as well as several others. Dating back to the 1700s, individuals have been providing services and resources to those in need. Although each era may has placed different emphasis on specific areas, the general operation still remained the same. For example, the age of systems era and the professionalization of human services era focused on different issues but yet shared collective objectives.
The age of systems era took place between the 1870s and the 1920s with special emphasis being placed on peak efficiency (Washington, M, 2011). It was also during this time frame that the unemployment rates had increased as well as the homeless rates. With small working groups and other volunteers, services were being provided to those who were in need due to there being little to no government involvement as it related to social welfare. However, these groups didn’t have any guidelines to operation so people were beginning to use and abuse the use of the assistance that were being provided to them. Consequently, it was time to form policies and procedures that would assist with the qualifications for services; which lead to the formation of The Charity Organization Society (COS) and several other, area specific, service organizations.
The professionalization of human services era, on the other hand, originated in the 1990s and is currently ongoing with emphasis being placed on the standard of practices (Washington, M, 2011). Meaning that, individuals are now studying the cause and effect of issues that are affecting our communities to adequately serve their needs; along with the use of the policies and procedures that were implemented during the age of systems era. Throughout the progression of the human services field not only are there private local and state organizations but now there are more government agencies involved. While different evolutions took place in the each of these eras they still remained to keep the focus on the need of the people within the community.
In comparison, charities where more prominent during the age of...

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