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Application Master´S College Entry Essay For Fashion Program

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From the moment I starting my educational path I knew four years wouldn’t be enough to fill me with all the dimensions of the fashion industry. This led me to make my decision to apply for the M.S. Global Fashion Enterprise degree. When asked how this program at Philadelphia University would benefit me, I will begin by giving a background on my previous education. I started my undergraduate degree at Buffalo State College in upstate New York pursuing a Bachelor degree in Fashion Merchandising. After being in the program for a year I was confident in knowing I needed a change. My journey changed drastically when I moved down to sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I transferred to the Art Institute under the same major. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Merchandising come this June 2014. My experience at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale has uncovered my love of education and research.

I consider myself an analyst of fashion, by how I am always learning and interpreting how I see the industry in not only my studies but in my surroundings. From the beginning I have always promised to never stop learning, I view my education not only as training to master a skill but as a lifestyle. Answered simply, Philadelphia University will be my new outlet for learning the latest in the fashion industry. It will allow for me not only to study the past, present and future of fashion, but it will give me a chance to research and peruse my interests within the field. Foremost the Global Fashion Project I will take part in during my curriculum will not only impart career driven aspirations, but it will elicit my passion of gaining real world experiences outside of the classroom. Additionally I would like to take part in your Graduate Student Assistantships as a research. The opportunity is my driving ambition during my time at the university.

After meeting with Thomas Fung, the Graduate Program Director during my visit on campus, I saw firsthand the powerful ways fashion and education can drive a person. Our meeting showed me that this would be the perfect place with strong influential people to learn from. Before I start my journey into the fashion world, I want to touch every subject and learn all I can in order to be a well-rounded business woman.

My ultimate goal after completing my degree would be to work in a corporate setting for a well-known brand as their Senior Merchandise Coordinator. With the help of your program, I will not only have addition skills pertaining to merchandising but I will have a focused understanding of global fashion and gain appreciation for the business side of any fashion brand. This opportunity will allow me to work with peers who share my interests as well as successful people working for the companies I aspire to study a possibly work for. A long term goal of mine is to...

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