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Application Of Continous Quality Improvement (Cqi) To Communication Safety Issues

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Phase 3 Application of CQI to Communication Safety Issues IP 3
Do you get the message across when talking with another person? Show how the individual knows the information was received just as it was spoken. Sometimes talking with others the information does not get across. When nurses communicate with other professionals they should be able to identify the safety issue that affect communication, determine the cause of problems, use continuous quality improvement (CQI) to change the way they communicate with others and evaluate the outcome.
“The Joint Commission cites communication failures as the leading source cause for medication errors, delays in treatment, and wrong-site surgeries, as well as the second most frequently cited root cause for operative and postoperative events and fatal falls (Rosenstein & O’Daniel, n.d., p.1).”
Errors in communication can be caused when orders, diagnosis, labs and medications are written, or verbalized incorrectly. There are many times physicians may give a verbal order that the nurse transcribes onto the order sheet. If the order were heard incorrectly then it will be written incorrectly, and carried out incorrectly. When incorrect information is passed on by nurses, to nurses in report, or Physician unable to receive a complete picture of patient changes and status. Incorrect information affects the physician, nurse and patient. Also, the patient will receive incorrect information. Trust is very important in the health care professionals.
Communication is not only words, but cultural languages that require an interpreter. The barriers of communication affect physicians, nurses, and patients.
Barriers to communication are the inability to understand what is being said (Dingley & et al, n.d.).” Lack of education is also, a barrier, and intimidation: personality differences, generational differences, and gender, and inter-and-intra-professional identity, differences in accountability, payment, and rewards. Finally complexity of care can be a barrier to communication (Dingley & et al, n.d.)”
This lesson plan teaches that communication among healthcare professional help to achieve perfection during diagnosis, treatment, ordering and giving medication. Nurses need to be able to tell physicians concerning the changes in the patients status and will not know when to call the physician. If nurses receive incorrect information passed on in the report due to inability to communicate effectively. Physicians will not have a complete picture of changes in patient status. The patients will not feel comfortable about the care they are receiving. Poor communication is more than just different languages, but the intimidating behavior physicians present to nurse and patients. Sometimes physicians exhibit disruptive behaviors: inappropriate behavior, confrontation or conflict ranging from verbal abuse etc.
The Nurses are intimidated by the physicians’ behavior and other nurses. Due to the intimidation...

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