Application Of Digital Marketing To The University Of Upnorth

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The University of Upnorth has been established for over 100 years and developed being one of the largest and newest universities in the North of England. Although it was a small technical college by its origin, it currently has 25,000 full time students of a wide range of socio economic backgrounds. The university is proud of its achievement of being accessible to everyone. Rather than following old fashion curriculum setting, the university provides tailored education to students, from both domestic and oversea, based on their age, experience and determination.With the increasing competition in student recruitment, in order to maintain its leading position in the north England region and UK as a whole, the university takes a new initiate by offering the lowest priced degree (at annual £1500) in the UK. To avoid the normal logic that low price (tuition) might related to low quality of education and to target their local, national and international students, the university has commissioned the writer as a digital marketing consultant to recommend them how to apply the new marketing tool in the internet era and boost its reputation and ranking among other universities.1.2Term of Reference for this reportBased on the above introduction, the terms of reference for this report is set as follows:•Review of influence of technology (IT) upon marketing practice•Discussion of digital marketing and its benefits•Target market identification•Application of Marketing Mix (7Ps) online•Recommendations based on analysis•Key issues identified for implementationII. Current situation of marketing and the Education market2.1. Influence on Marketing from IT TechnologyMarketing and marketing decisions are always influenced by external environments such as political, social, economical and technical factors. Among these factors, technological advance always plays an important role, especially for the marketing of University of Upnorth. Internet is one of the important inventions in the late 20th century, which has changed people's life and business practice. Marketing development under internet technology resulted in a new way market approached called digital and interactive marketing.The quick development of IT technology like broadband Internet, WiFi and phone Web make consumers have access to internet globally. It is not surprising that billions of pounds spent on conventional marketing approaches has begun to switch to digital marketing campaigns and this will continue to increase with further development of internet technology.Digital and interactive marketing, internet marketing has had a large impact on many industries like music, banking, retail and even flea markets, as well as the advertising industry itself. Some argue that the intersection of marketing and information technology is shaping the future of brand (Shaughnessy, 2006). For example, more and more banks are offering online banking to appeal to customers because it...

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