Application Of Ethical Leadership Business Assignment

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Application of Ethical Leadership
Application of Ethical Leadership
In this contemporary world, there is the need for leaders to obverse ethics while performing their task. Standards generally mean code of conduct that governs the any given activity. Despite the existence of the universal rules that govern organizations they also have their ethics that govern them towards their objectives and goals. The writer of this report will address the concept of ethics in leadership in the organization. In this current regime, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an issue of buss word in the world of business. One may ask himself what does it mean for the organization to be socially responsible in its daily activities? Well, ethical leadership and the culture of the social responsibility sets a tone for the productivity and aids the organization to engage with real life issues of its workers, stakeholders and the customers.
Part A: Purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
There are several definitions of the CSR, but the core definition is one that comes from the International Standards for Organization ISO 26000 that was published in 2010.Therefore, according to ISO 26000 social corporate responsibility refers to the organization’s responsibility that significantly impact decision making in an organization in regard to the activities on the societal environment through transparency and ethical behavior that contributes to the sustainable development such as health and welfare of the society, considering the expectations of the stakeholders, ensuring that the organization is compliance with the organization and is consistent with the international laws of the behavior and is integrated throughout the company and practiced in its relationship.
Therefore, the above overview of the corporate social responsibility and ethical leadership in the organization gives us the hint of the purpose of the CSR.
Promotes Corporate Governance
Moral leadership and corporate social responsibility go beyond the management of the mundane tasks of the organization (Peloza, 2011). Corporate governance is holistically concerned with how the team ensures that processes and policies are ethically sound (Peloza, 2011). Notably, several organizations outsource external auditors to assess their financials and not only give an overview but also advised the company on how to communicate sensitive information to the general public.
Likely, legal consultants provide the organizations with the information on the ethical human resource practices, and the customer focus groups ensure that the business engages with the consumer need and wants. Corporate governance in line with Hartmann (2011) view is about remaining responsible not only to generate profits of the organization but also is committed to engaging in fair practices by avoiding exploitation of the people and...

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