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Application Of Facial Hybrid Interface Into 3 D Chaarcter Modeling In Short Animation 'read'

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Chapter one briefly discussed on the ideas of the main course this study been conducted. All the problems, objectives and contribution of this study were briefly explained in that chapter. Meanwhile in Chapter 2, all the reviews from the reading of relate topic to this study been reviewed, explored and noted. All the illustrated reviews from varieties source of the reading is going to be used to support the finding at the end of this study.

Meanwhile, in this Chapter 3, the research methodology it going to take place. Methodology is one of the crucial parts in every research because it help the reader on ideas of how the researcher collect and gain all the information to get to the result at the end of the study. It is important for this methodology to be in systematic and details enough because the quality of the overall study is depending on this.

3.1 Definition

There are two major methods in methodology; qualitative and quantitative. Quality is referring to the what, how, when, and where of a thing its essence and ambience. Qualitative is about data collections either from the interviews, narratives, existing documents or ethnographic observation. It is the most prominent methods that widely be used. Meanwhile quantitative is regarding the numbering and calculation on the study. Findings can be generalized to a larger population, and direct comparisons can be made between two corpora, so long as valid sampling and significance techniques have been used (www.sal.tohoku). However, for this study that incorporate to establish a character in 3D animation with hybrid facial interface, it is more relevant to apply the qualitative methods.

3.2 Data Collection
3.2.1 Primary source
Primary source is referring to original events or documentations. They are keeping in pure. It allow researcher to get close as possible. Such sources may include expositions of creative ideas, first hand of event or publications that may form the basis for further research. Examples include novel, poet, diaries, autotrophies, speeches, government documents, experimental research result and also technical reports..
Under this primary source for this study, examples of them are the data received from the interview Khairil Azwan, and also the newspaper report from Los Angeles Times "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore''

3.2.2 Secondary source

Secondary source may provide the background information and offer analysis of the event. They are the scholarly articles that written by experts studying in a particular field and providing interpretation of material by them...



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