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Application Of Linear Techniques To Project Plan And Scheduling For Highway Construction

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Highway construction scheduling and planning is a complex process. For any person involved in Highway construction project, the intimate knowledge of construction methods, materials, equipment, and historical production rates is a very important factor. My personal knowledge and experience has helped me in planning several projects for construction of highways. I have realized that good scheduling of projects takes into account the economies that can be realized by conducting multiple activities concurrently. Planning a highway project must take into account the impact of weather, labor relations, subcontractor qualifications and productivity, material availability, and a host of other factors.
Crucial to the successful outcome of any major highway construction and reconstruction projects is the ability to accurately plan, predict and control the construction process. Budget control, resource allocation and consequential impacts are some of the important factors that a scheduler needs to keep in mind while planning a highway construction project. Today, highway constructors need sophisticated project management tools to achieve their project goals on time. Project scheduling has tremendously helped constructors building construction for the past 20 to 30 years. However, traditional scheduling techniques used by buildings contractors cannot be applied to highway construction as the activities involved in highway construction are fundamentally different than those typically found on a building project.
My personal experience in dealing with several highway projects in the past has revealed that typical highway construction/rehabilitation projects should be linear activities. This research work shows that currently accepted scheduling techniques such as Critical Path Method (CPM) and bar chart are unable to provide relevant planning and project management information. Linear Scheduling has come a long way in developing project management.
With advancement in technology, software development helps project managers and allows them to visually plan highway construction projects. They also calculate the controlling activity path of such schedules and are able to print reports of the status of the schedule in time. This research paper evaluates the new technologies and puts them in perspective with a real project that I had to undergo in the past.
Research is needed to improve the accuracy of the engineer’s estimate of working days in Highway construction projects as it would help them in plan the project accordingly. It is crucial for successful planning of reconstruction and highway construction projects that one is able to accurately plan, predict and control the construction process (Harmelink and Yamin, 1962). This research work allows highway designers to visualize the construction of a project from the contractor’s perspective by using software tools and latest technologies. The goal of the...

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