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Application of Robotic TechnologyRobotic technology is used in many operations and its demand is very high. In 1999, the growth rate of robotic industry was 20% worldwide and in America, it was 60% compared to 1998. In the last 20 years robotic industry has become multi billionaire industry and its growth rate is very high due to its many applications in manufacturing and automotive industry (Jan Karlsson, 2001. p119, 124.). Robots perform many industrial operations and they are used to increase production, improve quality, and reduce labor. Although the function of robots are very complicated and need good skills, they are used in many in industrial operations to perform different operation in the following ways: welding, painting, presswork, and heat treatment. To understand the robotic technology we have to know about the robots its functions and different applications of robots. Finally, we need to learn about how much robots are economical in different industrial operations and their future developments in different fields.The word robots derived from robota means forced labor. According to the definition of the robot institute of America, " a robot is a reprogramable multifunctional manipulated design to move materials parts tools or specialized devices through variable programmed motion for the performance of variety of tasks" (James A. Rehg, 1985 p7). The basic system of robots consists of a pneumatic or hydraulic operated mechanical arm working as a human arm and is controlled by computer. At the end of the arm a tool is mounted which is doing all the operations. An Electric servomotor, pneumatic or hydraulic aculator, drives the robotic arm and provides with linear or rotational motion (James. p8, 9). The combination of linear and rotational motion describes the geometry of the robotic arm. The arm geometry tells the form of the space in which robots' arm work. It usually works in rectangular coordinate system, cylindrical coordinate system, spherical coordinate system, and jointed spherical coordinate system (James p25 p26). The robot controller controls all the moment of the arm. It is similar to the central processing unit (CPU) of the computer and has input, out put and processing devices. These devices are network with the CPU of the robot. The controller gets feed back from the arm and sends it to the motors to change its speed, position and velocity. These days, robots are controlled by microcomputers and these are used to solve the equations and quality control of finished work (James. p13, 14). Many program languages are used to give the instruction to the robots to perform various operations. Commonly four types of languages are used for robots programming. The first is Joint Control language, which controls the arm in terms of joints or axes. The second is Primate Control language that controls the movement of arm by point to point and it is a widely used language for robots programming. The third is Structure Control...

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