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Application Of Seerah In Society Essay

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Application of Seerah in SocietyThere are many problems that plague our world these days. These problems range from social issues to political issues to spiritual issues. As Muslims, we have a responsibility to help resolve these issues for mankind. To help us we have the Prophet and a various lessons we can learn from his story. The three issues I want to focus on in this paper are: civil rights, poverty and wealth, and single parenting. I will provide some research on the issue, lessons from the Seerah, and how we can resolve this issue based on the Seerah and our own logic.The first issue is civil rights. Civil rights are the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. A famous example of a civil rights movement would be when, in the 1960's, Martin Luther King Jr. led the African Americans in their struggle for civil rights. Today, a big problem with civil rights is racial profiling, which is the practice of substituting race for evidence as grounds for suspicion. It is now acceptable to be suspicious of a hooded African American in the street, but not of a white man who may be drunk driving. Stereotypical thinking of race happens everywhere. In Muslim communities, Desi people are "dirty and smelly" while Arabs are usually referred as "gangsters". Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP's Washington Bureau, said this about racial profiling. "The racially discriminatory practice of racial profiling must be challenged when we find we cannot drive down an interstate, walk down the street, work, pray, shop, travel or even enter into our own homes without being detained for questioning by law enforcement agents merely because of suspicion generated by the color of our skin and other physical characteristics," said Shelton. ("The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.")When we look into the life of the Prophet, we find one glaring example of how the Prophet treated everyone the same way regardless of race. Bilal, who was an Ethiopian slave in Makkah, was welcomed with open arms to Islam by the Prophet. The Prophet treated him just like any other human being and eventually gave him the honor of being the Muathin of Madinah. Also, when the Prophet disregarded the blind man who came to him for advice, Allah told the Prophet that he should treat all of man kindly regardless of their color, beliefs, or conditions.This problem already has been addressed in Congress which is a good step in the right direction. What I suppose we as a people can do is to interact with those people we have negative ideas about. This way we can get a chance to know them better and remove the negative ideas we have about them. We can also humble ourselves and give them a place of honor (i.e. a spot in government) to make them feel good and to lower our egos. I believe these solutions can help get rid of people who don't have civil rights and feel racially profiled.The second issue is poverty and wealth. Mainly, how the poor stay poor and how the...

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