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Application Paper 1

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The following paper is a comparative analysis of the theories and methods used by the authors of “Inked into Crime? An Examination of the Casual Relationships between Tattoos and Life-Course-Offending among males from the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development” (Jennings, Hahn, Farrington 2014) and “Nonmainstream Body Modification: Genital Piercing, Branding, Burning, and Cutting” (Myers 1992). Jennings, Hahn, and Farrington’s article investigates the correlation between tattoos and deviant behavior. In addition, the researches ultimately want to discover if the relationship between tattoos and crime may in fact be casual, or are just another symptom of developmental risk factors and personality traits (Jennings, Hahn, Farrington 79). Myers article is about body modification such as tattoos, piercings, branding, burning, and cutting. Myers discovers and examines the rationales and motivations behind individual’s decisions for receiving body modification (173). There are many similarities and differences between the research methods and theories used in the following two studies.
Jennings, Hahn, and Farrington (2014) collected and relied on the data from a prospective longitudinal study of 411 males that all lived in an inner-city area in South London. This former longitudinal study derived from the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development in 1961 where the participants were aged 8-9 at the time. Most of the boys were white and of British origin who came from a working class family. An example of this is when the authors state that “in 94% of the cases, the head of the household had a working-class occupation, and that 87% of the boys were white and of British origin” (2014:79). Myer’s (1992) research methods on the other hand, were quite different. Myer’s study took place over a two year period. Originally, he wanted to research only tattoos, but he realized that research on piercings, branding, and cutting had hardly been done in the past, therefore he would have a great opportunity to conduct new research. Data was collected by using participant observation and interviews as the main research collecting techniques. Included in the study were males, females, homosexuals, heterosexuals, and bisexuals. Myers spent a vast amount of time exploring various workshops and tattoo/piercing studios observing, interviewing, and lecturing individuals on his current study. An example of this is when Myers attended the Living in Leather Convention as he stated “I was able to expand my involvement by showing my body modification slides to several people, attending parties, and helping out at the host organization’s hospitality suite” (1992:176). Though both studies rely heavily on body modification, they differ in a couple of ways. While the first study was considered a longitudinal study, the second one was considered a quasi-experimental study. The first study was done in a period of 53 years while the second study was done in a period of 2 years....

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