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Conflict undoubtedly occurs in our lives and is inevitable. From arguing with your siblings about whose turn it is to use the computer to having issues over financial matters, conflict comes in many different forms. Scholars believe that conflict can cannot always be resolved and refer to conflict management, which is the way we address disagreements with our relational partners. There are three main strategies I’d like to focus on towards managing conflict: escapist strategies, challenging strategies, and cooperative strategies. An escapist strategy avoids direct conflict because of reasons such as personal safety and practicality. Challenging strategies uses more skills such as assertiveness to get what they want and essentially cause a winner and a loser to manage the conflict. Using a cooperative strategy focuses on the issues instead of using verbal aggressiveness and to consider options and other alternatives. These three concepts of conflict management is important to me because it relates to my relationship with my girlfriend Nancy and gives me a chance to see the positive and negative sides of the strategies to determine which strategy would work for me. An example of a scenario in which these strategies can be applied to is about having a game console. I recently bought a Playstation 4 and Nancy is not pleased about how I use all my time to play games. Hypothetically, Let’s look at how these strategies could be used to manage this conflict.
An escapist strategist would prevent or avoid direct conflict and in my situation, I would ignore Nancy and her constant nagging to avoid any direct conflict. I would come to conclusion that all guys play video games and that it is not such a big deal. This strategy is effective because it gives me a quick and harmless solution to my problem temporarily. However, Nancy’s point of view could be choosing to ignore this conflict because of reasons such as not looking like a selfish girlfriend, or not having any feelings being hurt. Another reason why she would use this strategy is to reduce the amount of problems and maximize the chances of having a positive relationship. The issue with this strategy is having the problem solved unproductively. What starts from a conflict of my time spent on games could become a bigger issue like ruining the chemistry of a relationship and can cause feelings of resentment. Since I chose to ignore the problem, Nancy would assume I had lost feelings for her and that games are more important than having a girlfriend, which becomes a bigger issue. In certain situations, the escapist strategy can be harmless, but in others, it can cause what was thought to be a small problem to erupt into a bigger one.
Another concept that I could employ is using the challenging strategy. The challenging strategy promotes what I want instead of what the other person wants. Being assertive with my problem helps me because it takes out all the emotions such as guilt, anxiety, or...

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