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Q1. Select a service firm you are familiar with and identify their core services. Now identify the supplementary services for each of those core products, nothing which are facilitating and which are supporting. In what respects do any of these and their respective value differ from those offered by a leading competitor?

The firm I selected for the exercise is Joseph Anthony Bespoke. The company is a bespoke suit maker based in old theatre lane in Claremont. The main competition in this market is Parker & Co. (
The core product or “basic benefit the customer is buying” (Lovelock, Patterson, Wirtz. 2011) offered by Joseph Anthony Bespoke (JAB) is mens tailoring in the form of suits, shirts, pants, and formal eveningwear. Supplementary services are delivered in the form of Order Taking, Consultation, Information, Billing, Exceptions and Safekeeping (caring for garments).

A, Order taking and Billing: (Refer to table 1 Joseph Anthony Order Taking Elements)
Applications Order Entry Bookings
Client notifications On site Fittings
Newsletters Orders for existing customers via phone/email Consultations
New fabric notifications Alterations
Style Advice
One off designs

The process involved in the service of order taking at JAB is supporting the core product through effective payment and the clients concise understanding of the billing system. When a client places an order he is taken though the bill by a sales representative (often the tailor who has overseen the making of their purchase). This system has no real differentiation form competing businesses. The billing structure at JAB centres on monthly accounts for clients, also included is on the spot billing processes for smaller purchases. “Busy customers hate to be kept waiting for a bill” (Lovelock, Patterson and Wirtz, 2011) The billing structure at JAB is based around this concept as the majority of clients are high ranking business people.

B, Consultation: As stated by Lovelock, Patterson and Wirtz, “in many services customer satisfaction and perceived value is to some extent determined by how we are treated by service personnel during the service encounter”. By this example “a consultation implies some form of dialogue to probe customer requirements and then develop a tailored situation” (Lovelock, Patterson and Wirtz, 2011) Therefore a consultation will occur with every purchase, often regarding body shape, materials and style characteristics of a suit. This is a supporting service, which backs the core product by tailoring the result to the individual adding value and reducing the chance of dissonance. This augmented product differs from the competition though its process. Competitors in this market offer a similar service, however it is not to the same standard of knowledge.

C, Information: Upon purchase each client is given care instructions for the purchased item. Information is also available to the public though...

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