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Application: Technology In Human Services Organizations

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Technology is a tool that can have an effect on any area of our lives, ranging from professionally to personally. Although technology is also an ever changing tool, it can either be of a benefit and/or it can cause several limitations. When it comes to the professional ream of things, it doesn’t matter what particular career path one chooses to in indulge in; the dependence of technology will still seem as a high demand for survival. However, with technology on the rise there are still organizations that are lacking in the technology field; for example the Brantwood Children’s Home. With enhanced technology, organization like Brantwood would be able to keep a success record that will allow them to see its impact within the community.
Brantwood Children’s Home is a non-profit group home for children ages 10-20 years old in Montgomery, AL. Children are welcome every day, 24 hours. Brantwood has been providing safe, stable and structured environments for abused, neglected, and/or at-risk children for over 20 years. Their main mission is to operate in the best interest of the community while serving dependent, neglected and/or abused children by providing for and supervising their education, health and social adjustment into the community. The programs that they offer are; Basic Residential Treatment Program, Transitional Living Program, Independent Living Program, and the Brantwood On-Site Educational Program (BOSEP) (online at
The Basic Residential Treatment Program is offered to 16 children between the ages of 10-18. Children in this level are in good health but may sometimes require medical attention for minor health issues. The Transitional Living Program is offered to 10 children between the ages of 16-19. This program provides teens with the tools, skills, knowledge and experience they will need to secure and maintain employment and housing; assume responsibility for their health and nutrition; contribute to their community; and form rewarding relationships. The Independent Living Program consists of 6 children between the ages of 19-21 who have moved from foster home to foster home for years. While in this stage the child is required to have a job and live in an apartment or college dorm. Last but not least, BOSEP is a program that provides in house educational services for 5th -8th graders (online at
As described, Brantwood is an organization that can make tremendous impacts within its community. But without proper and/ or enhanced technology tools it is kind of impossible for them to see its impact or harvest within the community it serves. Currently, there is no definite means of tracking...

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