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Pediatrics is a field that combines my two primary interests: children and academics. The pediatrician has a critical role in the life and healthy development of a child and is a person on whom the parents heavily rely on. Children have always played a role in my life, in both work and social interactions, and I cherish each and every moment I spend with a young person—you always learn something new and are often pleasantly surprised by how insightful children can be. My time spent helping in the pediatric department in a hospital and shadowing a pediatrician greatly influenced me to pursue a career as a pediatric. My immediate goal is to be accepted into a pre-medical program and to major in biology and minor in psychology so that I can eventually enroll in a pediatrics residency program.

My propensity towards the science fields blossomed when I started high school. Eventually, I developed a more acute interest in human health and anatomy. I found that I had many questions that had complex answers. This led me to the realization that I have an intense curiosity in the human body—its evolutionary perfections as well its intrinsic downfalls. I would like to develop my skills across various medical areas: research, treatment and diagnosis. Enrolling in higher education is the next logical step in achieving my goals.

One particular influential experience was when I shadowed a practicing pediatrician, mostly because of the tremendous insight and exposure it gave me into the field. No part of this experience felt trivial or uninteresting—I found the administrative and clinical responsibilities interesting in their own ways. Moreover, I of course got to learn about prevention, diseases, infections and observed doctor-patient interactions—aspects I would not likely encounter until enrollment in a medical program. Given the personal satisfaction I gained from...

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