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Applications And Features Of Bluetooth Low Energy

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No. Title Pages
1 Introduction

2 The technology’s application
3 Data communication concepts related
4 The technology capabilities
Explain example(s) of this technology that is being used in the market.

6 Advantages, disadvantages

7 Conclusion

8 References

Bluetooth Low Energy
The Traditional Bluetooth had given us ability and also quickly connect to peripheral devices but Bluetooth Low Energy with the release the type of peripheral devices that connect have spilled over to medical and sports fields in remarkable ways. Then, we are use the smart phone and also tablet devices to connect the internet, stream audio on the car and also even in home entertainment systems. Extend the number of peripheral devices that connect will need for more efficient ways of doing so.
Bluetooth Low Energy implement entirely new protocol stack along with new profiles and applications. Its core objective is to run for a very long time on a coin-cell battery. It also enables devices to connect to the internet where traditionally they have not been able to in an efficient way through its client or server architecture. Bluetooth Low Energy is designed to be easy to develop for at a cheap price.
Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology is an open low energy, short range radio technology. It is a connectionless an always off technology. Bluetooth Low Energy is a new technology. Its designed from a clean sheet of paper with some constraints and goals.

The technology’s application: where, how it works and who is using it.

• Any system that can connect to Bluetooth Low Energy devices and to a wide area network area network can serve as gateways.
- Your home PC can see devices around your home
- Your smart phone can see all the devices around you

How It works
• Bluetooth Low Energy had provide the technology to connect things have data and web services want this data.
• The simplicity of GATT servers makes it easy to represent those devices over the web.
• Bluetooth Low Energy allows generic gateways.
- These allow devices to connect out of the box
- Enables any devices to connect to the web via a handset.
• With the longer range of Bluetooth Low Energy, single device can be the home control gateway and functionally provide a transparent pipe from a device to an IP address
• The middleware at IP address can access the device directly as if it were a collector talking to it locally.
• The gateway device plays no part other than in acting as a pipe.

• 16- bits address space of handles
• Each attribute has a UUID _ identify what it is:
- 16-bits if standardized by the Bluetooth SIG
- 128-bits if invented by the manufacturer
- That manufactures can add value without waiting for the SIG

Who using its
• Clients and Server
- Server expose an attributes
- Clients use them
• The protocol supports a handful of actions:
- By the Clients : Discover/Find, Read, Write, Confirm and Indication
- By the Servers :...

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