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Applications Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine In Dental Hygiene

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With our current review of complementary and alternative medicines, all may have some bearing in the profession of dental hygiene, whether it be for treatment of the patient or the health of the hygienist. Herbal preparations have long been used in the field of dentistry. With the popularity of acupuncture, acupressure, and message, these practices are also occasionally employed in a clinical setting. Chiropractic medicine, message, and acupuncture can also be used to treat the problems associated with long time practice of dental hygiene.
Concerning patient care, herbal medicine was implemented earlier than other complementary and alternative medicines. Mostly in the practice of pain and ...view middle of the document...

Another extremely valuable application of herbal preparations is found in the common household product Listerine. Listerine mouth rinse is one of the most effective, over-the-counter antiseptic rinses available. The specific herbal oils used in this preparation are a proprietary secret, but there is no doubt that the antiseptic properties are derived from the action of the essential oils on bacterial cell walls.
Acupuncture and acupressure therapies also have applications for patients in a clinical setting. In an article in Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, a magazine for dental hygienist, the use of acupuncture to reduce the gag reflex of a patient is described as another useful application (Acupuncture in Medicine, 2014, p. 14). This is mostly applied in taking dental impressions. A process where an alginate material is inserted into the mouth in trays. The alginate has a tendency to ooze out toward the throat, aggravating the gag reflex. When testing the use of the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, the gag reflex was significantly reduced (Acupuncture in Medicine, 2014, p. 14). This may also suggest that acupuncture may be useful in increasing the pain threshold of patient’s, reducing the need for anesthetics.
The therapies of chiropractic medicine and message therapy are particularly...

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