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Applications Of Electricity And Magnetism In The Future

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Essentially every single device that humans use to make their life easier can be greatly attributed to the field of physics for its inception. The laws of physics govern everything that we use, see, and observe life as we know it would not be possible without it. Multiple branches of physics exist, but one stands out as the branch that has the most promise to deliver devices well beyond even our wildest imagination, electricity and magnetism. Someone who has not been educated a great deal on the topic usually will not realize how big of a role electricity and magnetism play into their everyday life, and even life on earth. The phone they carry in their pocket, the invisible magnetic field of the earth keep life sustainable, and even the electrical signals that his or her own heart uses to pump blood to distribute throughout the body are all applications of the physical laws of electricity and magnetism. On the horizon lie endless amounts of other futuristic applications that physicists and engineers work tirelessly day after day on. If science is correct in its predictions of the future, electricity and magnetism will play a monumental role in shaping life on earth in the not so distant future.
Of all physicist’s on the cutting edge of research in electricity and magnetism one name in particular stand well above the crowd. Elon Musk is a serial entrepreneur, physicist, engineer, inventor, philanthropist, genius, and at the mere age of 42 he has already completely disrupted multiple multi-trillion dollar industry’s using nothing but a visionary perspective and the laws of physics as his tools. The Hyperloop is Elon’s latest venture into the unknown. In theory the Hyperloop, In Musk’s words, a hyperloop is a system to “build a tube over or under the ground that contains a special environment.” The idea is that essentially these “cars” propelled using electromagnets are housed inside of a vacuum tube, with electromagnetic suspension to achieve previously unheard of commercial speeds up to 14,000 miles per hour, twice as fast a commercial aircraft here in America. Even though critics are very skeptical to the idea that a vacuum can be consistently maintained over such long distances, one exceedingly small crack in the tube housing would be catastrophic in the systems operation. If one single crack in the tube appears the operators would be forced to completely shut down the system, and completely fix the leak before the system could ever be operational again. One proposal on how the entire hyperloop system work take advantage of basic magnetism by lining the entire apparatus on both the bottom of the tube and bottom of the actual hyperloop with extremely powerful electromagnets with the same charge forcing the field to flow off to the left or right. Another design of the hyperloop by Elon exists as well, a much more simple system with only minimal loss of promised specs. In his words, “You have pods, with skis on the bottom, zipping through...

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