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Applications Of Infrared Data Association Essay

910 words - 4 pages

1. Introduction 2
2. Technology’s Application
• Where It Works
• How Use It
• Who Use It 3
3. Data Communication Concepts
• Bandwidth
• Security 5
4. Technology Capabilities
• Performance 5
5. Example Of Technology In Market 6
6. Advantages and disadvantages 7
7. Conclusion 8
8. Reference 8
9. Report 9



Infrared Data Association (IrDA) founded on 1993. IrDA is utilized for high speed short range, line of sight, point-to-point cordless data transfer via infrared light waves. IrDA is the radio transmission of light ray infrared measured in Terahertz or Trillions of Hertz (cycles per seconds) is modulated with information send from transmitter to receiver in short distance. Does not specify any security measures. Infrared radiation(IR) is used to control a TV set with a remote control. Infrared data communication is most use in wireless data communication due to popularity of laptop computers, personal digital assistant(PDA), digital cameras, mobile telephone, pagers and other devices. IrDA specifications include IrPHY, IrLAP, IrLMP, IrCOMM, Tiny TP, IrOBEX, IrLAN, and IrSimple.

Figure 1.0 IrDA Protocol Stack


Where it use ?
• Infrared increasingly present in mainstream applications, hold great potential for enabling people with a variety of disabilities to access growing list of information resources. Already used in remote control TV, VCR and CD players. Nowadays IR protocol used in applications like consumer electronics, computers, household appliances, medical devices, automotive technologies and commercial services.

How to use it ?
• IrDA transceiver communicates with infrared pulses in a cone that extends minimum 15 degrees half angle of center. IrDA specification require that a minimum irradiance be maintained and a visible up to a meter away. Similarly, the specifications require that maximum irradiance not be exceeded so that a receiver is not overwhelmed with brightness when a devices comes close. In practice, there are some devices on market do not reach devices may reach up to several meter. The normal spot for IrDA communications is from 5cm to 60cm away from transceiver

Figure 2.0 Example IrDA transaction

Who use it ?
• Professionals scan business card from PDA to cell phone.
• Children wirelessly exchange games during break time
• Shoppers make purchases at grocery by pointing the handheld to the bar code items.
• Use on remote TV to change channel, turn on & off TV
• Teenager to share image or music.
• Cashier and buyers to scan bar code item.
• Business to transmitted document using fax
• Buyer paid using credit card.


• Bandwidth
-the maximum projected bandwidth is 16 megabits per second.

• Security
-IrDA technology is a secure. Data being transmitted via infrared it’s very difficult to intercept or hack because it directional sent to who people...

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