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Applications Of Smart Dust Essay

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Future mobile wireless sensors networks technology such as smart dust may seem like science fiction but its making its way from research laboratory to enterprise.

What is smart dust? It’s a new technology that might shape our future in ways never thought imaginable. Think of your computer that you’re using and think of that same computer, fitted into the dimensions of an American quarter. That’s roughly what smart dust, also known as microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS) is.

Smart dust has four basic subsystems requirements: power, computation, sensor and communication. The initial idea of smart dust was to miniaturise sensors and unite them with wireless communication technology to form network devices that can deliver a stream of data from each of the sensors and integrate them that can collect, analyse and store data and create an intelligent response.

Applications of smart dust include tracking enemy movements in military operations, battlefield surveillance, transportation monitoring, factory, instrumentations, climatic control, environmental monitoring, building safety and automation, security systems etc.

In this research I want to focus on the architecture and working of Smart Dust, future trends, various applications of smart dust technology, and some of the issues in Smart Dust.

The current technologies are focusing on automation and miniaturization. Minimizing computing device in size, shapes, increased connectivity, and enhanced interaction with the physical world have characterized technology. Recently, the popularity of computers and cell phones, Internet Growth, and the diminishing size and cost of sensors have accelerated these trends. Similarly advances in wireless communications and microelectronic mechanical system technologies have enabled the development of inexpensive, low-power sensors. These networks nicknamed “Smart Dust” present a very interesting and challenging area and have tremendous potential applications.

The founder of Smart Dust is UC Berkeley professor kristofer pister. He created the Dust by coating silicon wafers with a metal film that allows microscopic surveillance equipment to be etched into its surface, and ultrasound is then used to shatter the wafer to create structures like optical mirrors or tiny engines.

Smart Dust can monitor the environment for light, sound, temperature, chemical composition and a wide range of other information, and send the data back to the base station. The information from the surrounding environment is reported via a communication network. Depending on the application, dust motes can be made to only communicate directly with a base station transceiver, or peer-to-peer communication can be performed between dust motes. The applications of smart dust are numerous for industry as well as the military.

Smart Dust components and requirements
Smart Dust requires both evolutionary and revolutionary advances. Designers can...

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