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Applying Concepts Relating To Groups And Organizations

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My recorded self is mainly a student. As a student in two online classes, I spend around three or four hours per day on the computer. The social groups that are both of my online classes are rather small. , One online class is offered through my high school, so I am in class with people I know and have relationships with, making that social group a primary group. My other online class is through Illinois Central College, so I am in class with complete strangers, making that social group a secondary group. In addition to the classwork, I use the computer to check my email accounts, making my recorded self more reflective of who I am as a person. I have three different email accounts, one ...view middle of the document...

In some ways I benefit from using networks, but in other ways I am harmed by using them. One benefit of Facebook, for example, would be the fact that it can help grow relationships within and connect different social groups. It can also connect a peer group. On the other hand, it can harm a person’s ability to properly interact with others. If all their interaction happens through social media, they will not know how to properly carry on a conversation with someone else. The use of surveillance cameras in public places can enhance personal safety. The police can use video from surveillance cameras to catch criminals and lawbreakers. The mass media uses still photos taken from surveillance camera videos when asking the general population for help in catching criminals. I think that basically all personal data should be kept private, especially things like social security numbers and passwords. Gathering companies should not be allowed to sell any sort of personal information, because it is exactly that, personal. The only type of personal information that should be made public is the arrest or police record of individuals who are pedophiles. All data collection firms should be required to ask for permission from individuals before being allowed to sell their names. There are many people who are more traditional and do not want their names out there for anyone to be able to find. I believe that both the government and marketplace forces should strive to protect consumers. If both the government and marketplace forces worked to protect consumers, our society could become a better place. I believe that there should be some sort of...

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