Applying Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Skills

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Using What You Have Learned

As a student at the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy you will be challenged continuously. The experiences and knowledge that is gained through the periods of instruction will greatly assist you in your future assignments. The knowledge gained from block C100 are important to a future Operations Sergeants Major because the duties of an Operations Sergeants Major greatly affect a large amount of soldiers, without this knowledge soldiers will suffer unnecessarily.
C111A: The Operational Environment
During the period of instruction C111A, The Operational Environment, the student learned; to refine his critical thinking skills to solve problems and make decisions, analyze likely impacts of threats, challenges, and opportunities in the operational environment and the international security environment, how to explain joint force capabilities and limitations, interagency capabilities, multinational and legal considerations in contemporary operations, to explain the leader development process. (Give credit to advance Sheet)
The knowledge gained in critical thinking will greatly assist the future Sergeants Major by allowing him too quickly and accurately define a problem and develop possible solutions. By being able to do this rapidly the Sergeants Major will save time for his subordinates, allowing them maximum opportunity to develop their own solutions to the problems presented at their level. As a younger soldier I could have used this process, when my company received a short notice mission to move from one province in Afghanistan to another province. If I had already had the problem solving skills taught in this period of instruction, the company would have been able to conduct this operation with far fewer setbacks.
In our countries current operations, dependence on Joint operations and other governmental agencies plays a larger part than in previous encounters. In order for our military to succeed in our future endeavors all branches of service must work towards a common goal. In addition to the branches of service, the military and other governmental organizations will have to have a unity of effort. Unity of effort will ensure that organizations are bringing all available assets to bear on the problem at hand. Currently in Afghanistan ground forces routinely work daily hand in hand with other organizations like the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the United States Department of State (USDOS). The contemporary operating environment has multiple actors in it now and in order to ensure mission success they must all be trying to achieve the same end state.

C121: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
In the class C121: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving the Sergeants Major student learned; how to apply the elements of thought and universal intellectual...

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