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Implementing Leadership On Three New Programs For Su

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Given the scenario to implement the launch of three new programs for Success University (SU); and I as the main lead, have decided to first start with my plan of building a cohesive team. SU has granted the use of faculty, graduates, admissions staff, student services personnel, and a marketing representative from their Corporate Office to assist me in implementing the three new programs. Hence, I will strategize a unified team, clarify steps to launch the programs, provide goals, timelines, and my leadership styles in monitoring and evaluating the progress of the team, and any additional teams we create with in our group. Moreover, addressing the full implementation plan; as well as strategies on dealing with any potential resistance, or issues that may arise.
The definition of leadership can often be very broad, depending on individual perspectives. However, the most comprehensive definition that stands out to me is, “the process of influencing an organized group toward accomplishing its goals” (Curphy, Ginnett, and Hughes. 2009, p.7). Furthermore, meaning that depending on the values of the leader themselves, will dictate the outcome of any situation they may be trying to lead. It boils down to the values, logic, and inspirations the leader is attempting to create, that will spark the passion in who wants to follow.
So, my first step is to understand what strategies I want to utilize, and how these strategies will create a unified team; because without dedicated followers, who trust me as their leader, I stand for nothing. Thus, my first strategy would be to use the Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory (MPVI) to get a feel of what each team members main character trait may be. Our first encounter would be a get to know you type of ice breaker. Food, conversation, and basic chit chat would be my main focus for our initial meeting. Thence, allowing me to evaluate individuals feelings, knowledge, skill sets, and values. This would also allow my team to see me as one of them, and hopefully establish the initial foundation to our group. Getting to know each other on a personal note, will be the glue that holds us together through some of the challenges that may arise. Altruism; being my highest valued trait, would be what I presented as a fellow team member, but also as their leader. Thus, my willingness to look out for everyone’s best interest and well-being would be my introduction to the team. What is more, allowing me to evaluate each individual MPVI’s, and begin the process of knowing what each individual can offer. Therefore, what role may best suit each individual. (Curphy et al., 2009, pp.178-179).
My second strategy would be applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Knowing where everyone’s needs are, is a huge step in creating a cohesive team. Maslow believes we begin with the basic need; which is physiological, and will be motivated to attain higher needs when we have fulfilled current needs. Thus, knowing that as a team, our...

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