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Effective training begins with managers who are able to create an environment that engages different learning types (multiple Intelligences). While it is important, to remember that none can be applied across the panel to all learners in all situations; nevertheless some interconnections are apparent. Blends of pedagogical and embracing various learning panaches help meet the need of a larger portion of the employees. Fundamentally vital is the well-defined material assembled in right sequences that must be presented in a simple positive language with the congruent flow optimally appropriate for the majority of the learners for better learning results. It is noteworthy, to recognize that language proficiency and fluency are not necessarily the hindrances for successful training to multicultural work place environments. It concludes that "Trainers/managers of employee choice" are not congenital yet they are trained by acquiring the required relevant knowledge, instruction and sincere practice of delivering the objective information in an optimum appropriate way to the personnel for effective training and learning (Jayakumar, 2010).
In addition, it is also essentially important that a training module be created in a systematic manner, relating to the various learning levels and multiple intelligences, so to reach and encompass all learning types. Behaviorism is the psychology theory initiated from John B. Watson, and is grounded on the belief that behaviors can be measured, modeled and trained, as well as manipulated and changed (Cherry, 2013). This theory of learning is established on the concept that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. This conditioning is completed through the interaction with the environment and therefore, it is believed that our responses to environmental stimuli shape our behaviors.
Therefore utilizing the behaviorism principles it should be understood there are two types of conditioning --classical and operant. Classical conditioning is where behavior can be trained within a natural occurring stimuli is combined with a response. Secondly, a previously neutral stimulus is paired with the naturally occurring stimulus. And eventually the previous neutral stimulus comes to arouse the response without the presence of the naturally occurring stimuli. The two aspects of conditioning are known as the conditional stimulus and the conditional response (Cherry, 2013).The second conditioning is the operant conditioning. It is the method of learning that occurs through rewards and punishments for behavior (Cherry, 2013). Through this type behaviorism concept a connection is made between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior. The principles of behaviorism focused on in this module will be repetition, reinforcement /feedback, association, and classical and operant conditioning.
Behaviorism concepts will be applied to this training design by first, measuring tasks and projects as well as evaluating them to...

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