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Applying Multidisciplinary Perspectives To Analyzing Complex Events

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Over the past century, a long series of complex events has taken place that changes how the world operates. These events come with inevitable consequences on our present and future life. Understanding the incidence, causes and how do people proceed from the aftermaths requires a deep comprehension of many disciplines. Today, multidisciplinary study is becoming more common as there is increasing recognition that it is needed to answer complex questions and solve complex problems.

Different disciplinary perspective is applied to analyse complex events because it allows one to look at the bigger picture and obtain a coherent understanding that is beyond the ability of any single disciplines ...view middle of the document...

From 1980s onwards, many human rights activists and groups such as Solidarity of Poland became increasingly important in Soviet Union. It operates as a trade union free of government control in the beginning and after the suspension of marshal law, as an unofficial political opposition to the Communist regime. (Keylor 2003) Many demonstrations were happening in Eastern Europe as opposition agitated for the end of communism, for example in Bulgaria. (Keylor 2003) The rise of these movements was influenced by the introduction of glasnost and perestroika.

The analysis of these events requires reliable sources. From the economics and ideology perspective, information such as distribution of demonstrations and economic performance under Gorbachev and his predecessors was retrieved from intelligence assessment. These statistics are formed from extensive research on data and is a very close approximate to the real world. Chernyaev’s diary also provides first person testimony regarding the end of Cold War. Its importance is that it has not been altered or distorted in any way. Hence, it can be convinced that the information is true. However, it would be difficult to determine whether elements of propaganda exist and if the writer is bias towards any party.

Through multidisciplinary perspective, we are able to see that the end of Cold War was caused by not one, but many factors from different fields, namely economic decline, defeat of ideas defended by eastern bloc and growing demand for freedom. Even though some factors may play a larger role, collective effects of them contributed to how Cold War ended the way it did.

As complex real world problems often involve a variety of parties with different characteristics, it would require a different set of methods to manage the problem. In studying the challenges of global collective action on climate change, it has been pointed out from the geographical perspective that effects of climate change are felt differently across regions and countries, with many of the low-income countries suffering the most severe outcome. (Hoffman 2013) In other nations, the effects may be less significant and this leads to the lack of urgency to address the problem. Besides that, 75% of the problem could be traced to fewer than ten states if the European Union is considered as a single entity and thus, it was suggested that responsibility should be distinguished by development level. (Hoffman 2005)

Another difficulty towards global collective action is from the economics standpoint that presented the theory of public good and game theory. The air that we breathe is a public good and benefits from reducing air pollution will be felt by everyone because it is non-excludable and non-rival. Consequently,...

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