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Applying Reflections In Learning Essay

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Applying Reflection
Reflection is a crucial part to the learning process and is necessary for effective learning and teaching. As a student one must use the reflective practice to better understand the way one learns, as well as what was good and bad about previous work, in order to improve the quality of future work. The reflective practice from an educator’s perspective requires one to examine what was working and not working with lessons and the class. In both circumstances, reflection is a form of self-awareness. Learners that use the reflective practice are better able to understand themselves and the learning process. Being able to reflect can enrich ones learning and deeper ones achievements. Rogers observes, “Reflection on experience to action forms a large part of the learning process” (1996, p.109).
The process of reflection enables a practitioner to evaluate, identify with and gain knowledge through experience, sustaining a possible improvement and transformation in not only the classroom but in the individual that participates in reflection. The process of reflection is a positive action that lets one review, analyze and evaluate in order to develop as a learner and a teacher. The capacity to reflect upon practice helps to evaluate needs and plan to meet those needs, enriching teaching and learning skills. This paper will provide an overview of experiences I had while using the reflective practice: one from the vantage point of being a student and then later as being an educator.
Student Reflection
As a high school student, I did not participate in the reflection practice at a deep and profound level. The most reflection that occurred was a what grade did I get and how did I miss that number. I do remember attempting to explain why I could do the material at home but during a test, my mind would blank. Completing cursory reflection taught me to take my time while writing. Many times my brain would work faster than my eyes or hands and while I would get the correct answer, the formula or essay, would have typos, misspelling, and even omitted words.
I remember in high school taking a learning style survey and the results indicated that I was a kinesthetic learner. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I struggled to adapt to my various learning environments. By my Master’s program I had learned to adapt while I still struggled with some learning environments, typically in the form of extreme boredom, I was able to excel in my field of study.
When starting my PhD program to determine my learning modality preferences, I participated in a Vark learning style questioner to increase insight into my preferences. The results indicated that I have a split read/write and Kinesthetic learning style. The results demonstrated that I had changed my learning style to meet the needs of my programs and professors. The results also indicated that while I could do well by reading and writing I still learned best with hands on or doing approach....

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