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Applying The Learning Curve Theory Essay

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Applying the Learning Curve TheoryIntroductionMario, owner of Mario's Pizzeria, opened his first pizza Parlor in 1950 in Palm Springs, California. Running and operating his store in one of the local and busy malls, Mario's pizzas became popular for its fresh ingredients and authentic taste. In the given Pizza Store Layout simulation, the students were given the opportunity to work as a manager for two months to improve the service system by improving the four elements of waiting line problems- a waiting line, a service system, customer population, and a priority rule for determining which customer is to be served next. Given that many customers are dissatisfied with the wait times, my objective would be to comprehend the learning curve concept of reducing the wait times and optimizing the processes to maximize the benefits. In the next couple of paragraphs, I will examine the process thoroughly and provide several points of the process performance data for the performance metrics identified in the simulation. Furthermore, I will apply the learning curve concepts to test the alternative against the current process, and determine how good the initial process data is in the organizationProcess Performance DataIn the simulation, Mario's Pizzeria begins with the flow process of a customer entering the restaurant, waiting, being seated, order taken, order processed, order received in kitchen, order served, eating time, bill received and payment made, and the customer exiting the restaurant. The simulation mentions Mario's initial setup, which includes 14 tables for four, four servers, and two kitchen staff. The entire process from when a customer walks into the pizza parlor to the time the customer leaves the parlor is 53 minutes. Acknowledging the pizza parlor is experiencing a loss of sales due to the fact that customers are leaving without being served, I made adjustments toward the distribution of tables, number of wait staff, and number of kitchen staff to improve the profitability and wait times. My decision was based upon not only the distribution of tables and staff, but also the altered and selected performance points for the current process: average wait time, average queue length, utilization, costs, and ovens.Applying Learning Curve ConceptsAccording to Chase, a learning curve is a line displaying the relationship between unit production time and the cumulative number of units produced (2006). While making modifications toward the performance data, I noticed the learning curve adjusts accordingly. In the first scenario of the simulation, I adjusted the four tables for four into eight...

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Applying the Learnign Curve Essay

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