Applying Theory Y To Become A Better Leader

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The term leadership may be defined as the “process whereby an individual influences others to achieve a common goal” (Kreitner, & Kinicki, 2010, p. g4). Leadership is a complex mixture of a person’s qualities. It cuts across nearly every modern discipline. Numerous theories have been formulated by management theorists in order to support the benefits of the various management styles. The first one is the Theory Y versus Theory X. the second theory is the Total Quality Management. Another theory that has been formulated to support the advantages of the different management theories is the Theory Z. This essay will focus on how I may possibly use theory Y to become a better leader as a tax professional with an Organization Management degree.
Theory Y was formulated by Douglas McGregor. The Theory assumes that “work is a natural activity, like play or rest” (Kreitner, & Kinicki, 2010, p. 9). The theory further assumes that “people are capable of self-direction and self-control if they are committed to objectives” (Kreitner, & Kinicki, 2010, p.9). According to this theory, employees shall be dedicated to their goals only if incentives are availed to them. These incentives and/ or rewards ought to address higher needs. A perfect example of a higher need is self-fulfillment. This state of affairs makes people to search for responsibility. The theory further adds that scores of persons might handle a particular task and/ or responsibility since innovation and resourcefulness are ordinary within the masses (Ouchi, 1991, p.37).
Under the conditions stated in Theory Y, chances are that individual objectives may possibly be aligned with the institutional objectives/goals. This can be attained by utilizing the worker’s own pursuit for fulfillment as a motivator. The formulator of this theory emphasized that its administration doesn’t mean a soft approach. A number of individuals across the world may not attain the degree of maturity presumed by his theory. They as result may possibly require tighter controls. These controls ought to be relaxed as the concerned individual attains maturity. Douglas demonstrated that managers who utilized his theory were better capable of crafting worker (s) engagement (Cherrington, 1994, p.3).
According to a study that was conducted by the Chartered Management Institute regarding this theory, most workers preferred it in preference to other theories such as X. The survey indicated that sixty five (65) percent of the interviewees indicated that a Y manager is an individual who is capable of communicating with subordinates (Bennis, 2009, p.59). The manager is able to understand the diverse needs of the employees, the survey adds. The interviewees further indicated that the Y manager is a strong leader who may possibly demonstrate to the subordinate where the institution is headed (Bennis, 2009, p.84).
There are several ways in which theory Y can used to help me become a better leader. The first and most...

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