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Assignment QuestionGive a brief about your organization, or any organization that you have experience at and then think about one problem that is facing the organization (the problem has to be related to information systems). Based on the 5-step approach in problem solving learned in the module, develop a detailed report.AcknowledgementsI would like to thank Mr.Yousif Shareef, Seef Properties Operations Manager, and Mr. Jalil Janahi for the valuable information which contribute in writing this paper, also I would like to thank Mr.Hussain Al Awami for the great examples and ideas that will continue to have an important impact on my thoughts.Table of ContentSummary..........1Introduction..........1Analyzing the Job, and employees...........2Car Park employees Induction Program.........3Designing and Conducting the Training program..........4Conclusion.........7References..........8SummaryMozn Property Management and Development organization is developing a new project, Multi Story Car Park building. Mozn HR department is challenged to develop a proper training program for new employees who are going to function on the ticket tracking system at the multi story car park building. The following training steps were suggested1- Identify the skills, abilities, and performance needed to perform the job2- Design the training method3- Test the training program for any deficiencies.4- Get employees on the training program5- Provide feedback and assist the training programThe paper will discuss the implementation of the above five training steps in Mozn organization and It will demonstrate a long term training program which could be utilized by Mozn HR department.Training is a very important element in any organization. A proper training program develops employee's skills, abilities, performance, and commitments to the organization. There are different types of training programs Informal Training, Job Instructional Training, Apprenticeship Training, Simulated Training and On the Job Training. In Mozn's case, I have introduced Simulated Training, and On The-Job-Training methods on the newly recruited employees at Mozn Organization.IntroductionSeef Properties is a property development and management organization that has developed and is managing over 650 commercial properties in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Seef Properties has positioned itself as the leading property development and management organization through its careful selection, market research and effective management strategy, which allowed it to specialize in the development and management of various commercial properties in the kingdom.As a result of the above, currently Seef Properties is managing a multi story car park building attached to a shopping mall. The total built up area of the project is 15,000 square meters with seven stories. The multi story car park building can accommodate more than 650 vehicles at once. The aim of this project is to offer shopping mall shoppers, employees and retailers...

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