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Approach to Enhancing the WorkplaceGillian DavalosQueens CollegeAbstractPsychology offers access for enhancing productivity in the workplace. Wiegand and Geller (2003) make reference to a number of factors we should focus on to enhance individuals' success while providing a positive and supportive workplace climate. The discussion in the following article by Csikszentmihalyi (1990) extends to the concept of a term called "Flow" which discusses how a different state of mind can also have an effect on a better workplace. Lastly Martin (2005) researches the different leadership and management styles and discusses how an authoritative leadership style works best to improve the workforce.Approach to Enhancing the WorkplaceIt is a fact that a workplace cannot run correctly and make a profit if it has workers that are not being productive. Therefore we can find a lot of information of how we can improve the workplace by simply enhancing the way we treat our workers and showing them the correct way to improvement. I believe that many of the principles here are principles of effective and productive human performance that can be applied to the workplace. The issues in the articles are relevant to motivation and performance in the workplace and are also relevant to managers and leaders seeking to enhance workplace outcomes. Most of it will rely in large part on the extent to which workers are behaviorally, affectively and cognitively engaged to what they do.Occupational Motivation and Engagement WheelIn Wiegand & Geller's paper, it is thought that the Occupational Motivation and Engagement Wheel provides a surrounding idea of the different components of a workers' engagement in the workplace. There research first began with "The Student Motivation and Engagement Wheel", which is a model of motivation that combines theory to provide targeted intervention and support to students (Wiegand & Geller 2003).It is suggested that the Student Motivation and Engagement Wheel can be easily applied in the workplace. The model represents four terms that need to be focused on to achieve productive and functional employees (Wiegand & Geller 2003). First is "adaptive cognitions" which contains three parts: self-efficacy, refers to workers' belief in their capacity to do their job successfully; mastery orientation, refers to job satisfaction and doing the job right; and, value of work, refers to workers' belief that what they do is important and useful. The second term is "adaptive behaviors" also broken up into three parts. The parts include: planning, refers to the extent to which workers are clear to what they have to do, how to do it, and then monitor their progress as they are doing it; work management, refers to their management of time and prioritizing; and, persistence, refers to the extent to which workers are persistent even in the face of challenging or difficult work. In terms of "impeding...

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