Ways To Find If A Web Site Is Credible.

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How to Determine if a Website is Credible1. Printed material is more credible then Internet material because it has usually been looked over and critiqued by an editor, while documents shown on the Internet may not have been because it is not something that is demanded for all websites.2. According to Robert Harris there is opinions, facts, reasoned arguments, statistics, narratives, eyewitness reports, descriptions, stories and interpretations all available through the Internet.3. To find out if a source is credible Robert Harris says you should be able to find as much as possible about the page. Things like the author's name, position, organisation they are affiliated with, date the page was created, and how to contact the author if needed. By thinking about how fair, objective, lacking hidden motives, and showing quality control you will be able to detect which site is more reliable then the rest.4. There is no test to figure out if something is totally reliable, truthful or valuable.5. C.A.R.S Checklist:Credibility ""Some questions about credibility that should be asked would be, What about this source makes it believable? How does this source know this information? Why should I believe this source over another? These help determine how trustworthy the source actually is. Some things you should look for when trying to judge credibility would be to get some of the authors credentials, like position, education, contact information or and biographical information. People should also be checking for quality control by finding out some information presented on organisational web sites on-line journals that use refereeing by editors or others postings of information taken from books or journals that have a quality control process. You should also be able to find out information on the information, this is called metainformation. There are two basic types of this type of information, summary metainformation which is shortened forms of information, such as abstracts, content summaries, or even tables of contents. This type of metainformation gives us a quick glance at what a work is about and allows us to consider many different sources without having to go through them completely. There is also evaluative metainformation, which are all the types that provide some judgement or analysis of content. These are things like reviews, ratings and commentaries on certain topics. If the author is anonymous, or if there is bad spelling or grammar, it is usually and indication that the Website is probably not credible.Accuracy ""Some works can be timeless, like novels, but other works have limited timelines because of their topics. You must take careful care to note when the information you find was created, and then decide whether it is still valuable. Information should also be comprehensive. Some writers say that researchers should be sure that they have complete information before making a decision or that information must be complete. But with the advent...

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1213 words - 5 pages the father having everything bottled in to finally the grandmother and her many problems such as being judgmental to others. If they were the “typical” family all this could have been avoided, or at least gone a different way to where they could keep their lives. Works Cited Bloom, Harold, ed. ""A Good Man Is Hard to Find"." Bloom's Literature. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 6 Mar. 2014