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Approaching The Unknown Mars Essay

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It has been an interesting topic to research on the reality of Mars for decades. There are various views as to whether life on Mars have had ever existed or whether people can make the planet inhabitable by the means of technology. However, people lose confidence in the capabilities and technology to achieve this because no one knows how long it will take for a manned mission approaching the Mars lane. Eventually, the advanced technology of the European Space Agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has already launched their individual scientific missions recently ("NewsWire…") which inspires another prospective destiny in human history.The very first thought of making a trip to Mars started from Russia after the success of landing of man on the moon. Russia lost the race to the moon and made their hope towards Mars since the 1960s (Karash). Obviously, it is a distortive competition with the United States of America. President George W. Bush aggressively directed NASA to plan a human landing on Mars by the year 2020 ("NewsWire…"). "MEN will be walking on Mars within 20 years, the head of NASA predicted in May 2001" (Harnden). These bold statements led to the development of a space initiative.After attending the conference of Mars Approaching, I get some basic knowledge about the red planet Mars. Mars is the forth planet from the sun and the seventh largest in the solar system. In Greek Mars is means the God of War (Arnett). From Kapular's three theories, researchers studied that the orbit of Mars is elliptical and results in the dramatical temperature change on the surface about 30 degree...

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