Appropriate Care For Children And Pediatric Compliance

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In caring for children, it is hard for nurses because unlike adults, children cannot fully manage their treatments on their own. Children are typically very dependent on their caregiver, which means the nurse is responsible for educating all caregivers and ensuring they understand the information given. I have had a personal experience with a patient whose family was not really able to be adherent to the plan of care. The family was foreign and did not speak English well at all. The child had a g-tube and he frequently came to a respite care center (Pediatria) with it having sediment in the line and not clean at all. This is one example that I can provide from my personal experience. However, there is a multitude of reasons that families are unable to adhere to home care plans.
There are many factors that play into why a family member may be non-adherent. Some reasons that families are unable to provide appropriate care for their child include financial capability of accessing the supplies needed to carry out treatments, the difficulty of treatment, the education level of caregivers to understand methods of care, the physical and emotional toll that providing care has on the family, and the amount of support family members have for caring for their child. Including at least two of the following methods tends to help nurses assess how compliant families are with their children’s care. Using clinical judgment that is unbiased, knowing that typically self reporting is overestimated by 20%, monitoring how often the patient comes to scheduled appointments, pill counting to determine if they are consistently being taken, and possibly chemical assay that can measure levels of a drug ingested. Using these methods only give nurses an insight to how compliant their patients and their families are. In order to increase compliance, they may need to implement some extra measures to help children receive appropriate care.
Nurses must be aware of when their families cannot provide care for their children, and the interventions that must be done to improve...

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