Why The Legal Drinking Age Should Go Back Down To 18 Again

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Did you know that the legal age for drinking alcohol was eighteen years of age until 1987? In 1987 the legal drinking age became twenty-one years of age. Shouldn’t the legal consumption age amongst Americans be dropped to the permitted age of adulthood, eighteen years? At the age of eighteen years old, any individual can walk down the aisle without their parent’s consent and can move out of their custodian's house and live on their own. Why should the government dictate what these adults can do when it comes to their choice to consume alcohol? How is it plausible to agree that an adult eighteen years of age can spend time in prison because they are considered adults, but cannot go to a liquor store to buy a drink? How can a person that is eighteen years of age be allowed to vote and are able to protect our country by serving in the military but cannot legally drink a beer? Froma Harrop said it best when she asked “the drinking age has long been a tug-of-war. Is a nineteen year-old mature enough to fight in Afghanistan, but not to order beer in a bar? Almost every other country sets the drinking age at eighteen.” These questions are what causes an extremely serious problem today and takes away the freedom of Americans. There is no reason why a person eighteen years of age should be legally held back from consuming an alcoholic beverage today. If people are going to hold an eighteen year old to the standard of a person who is twenty-one years of age, then an eighteen year old should be treated as equal as the twenty-one year old. Americans are arrested or fined every day for practicing what should be their lawful right.
An easy solution could fix the law for the legal drinking age. One solution would be the government revising the law back to the way the law was several years ago. In the 1970's most states set the legal drinking age to eighteen, nineteen and twenty years of age. John McCardell from the New York Times claims, “Allowing 18- to 20-year-olds to drink alcohol in regulated environments with supervision would decrease unsafe drinking activity. Prohibiting this age group from drinking in bars, restaurants, and other licensed locations causes them to drink in unsupervised places such as fraternity houses or house parties where they may be more prone to binge drinking and other unsafe behavior.” More individuals are likely to drink in excess, use poor decisions by drinking and driving, and even obtain fake identifications in order to purchase alcohol. The current law currently is not sensible. This law impedes with millions of individuals constitutional rights while mistakably increasing the amount of alcohol that is consumed, and proposing explanation that undoubtedly will not be reached. Others feel that allowing individuals between the ages of eighteen and twenty to drink in the presence of their legal guardians, however, this is not a realistic solution. A parent should not nor cannot be responsible for their child once...

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