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May 14th, 1948, this date represents the theft of an entire nation from one corrupt group to another. Two groups, that cannot fathom the idea of coexistence and the basic child's value of sharing, are fighting like two bucks for the same fawn. Eventually one group is killed and the other wins the fawn. However, this fight has gone on for over fifty years and neither buck is ready to quit. The two bucks represent Jews and Palestinians, the fawn represents the land of Israel. Neither group is entitled to sole possession of the land of Israel. Instead, both groups should learn to live together within their sacred state.The Jews have many reasons why they feel they are entitled to Israel. Their strongest arguments are the biblical ties to the land. They feel that Israel was promised to the Jews by G-d and the land was designated to be their homeland (Packouz 1). The Jews also believe that they have held dominion over Israel for 3,300 years (Wagner 1), therefore giving them the right to own it in the present. Another main argument for the Jews is that the Arabs, or Palestinians, have no ties to the land. They claim that Mohammed never came to Jerusalem and that Muslims pray with their backs towards Jerusalem while Jews pray facing Jerusalem. Jews also say that there is no mention of Jerusalem in the Koran, but the city is mentioned 700 times in the Tanach, the Jewish Holy Scriptures. The Jews have fought four wars with Arab nations over Israel, and they won each one. They feel that gives them the right to the land. Jews have many reasons behind their claim to Israel, but then again, so do the Palestinians.Palestinians have many reasons to want the land of Israel for themselves. Palestinians believe that they are the native people of the land of Israel. Therefore, they think they should have sole possession of the land. It is similar to the way Indians wanted freedom from British rule and a self government. However, Palestinians use violence to achieve their goals, unlike the nonviolent ways of the Indians. Palestinians also believe that the Jews have committed brutal crimes against them. These crimes include the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian refugees, and the disregard for the Palestinians' basic human rights (Shalom, 58). The Palestinians, who mostly subscribe to the Islamic faith, have said that they have holy sites in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, so they should have control over the land (Shalom, 61). One other reason the Palestinians site for control of Israel is that they are, if not they used to be, the majority in the land known as Israel. The Palestinians have many reasons to want control over Israel, however, both groups should learn to share.There are many ways to make the Jews and Palestinians band together and forget their differences. One way to do that is to create an embargo on Israeli and Palestinian...

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