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Jesus sacrificed his own life for everyone’s sins in order for redemption, allowing his followers to gain forgiveness. In the novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, Amir understood that he must risk his own life in order to free him and his father from their sins. Amir desired rebirth of a new life, but he was unsure of how to live a life free of sin. In relation to the poem, Redemption, by James Casey, Amir was also running and hiding from his problems. Escaping to California with his father did not give Amir the refreshing start he had hoped for. Desires of Amir included: redemption for wronging Hassan, the approval of his father, and for overall acceptance and forgiveness.

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Amir was no longer given the opportunity to apologize to Hassan, but took up the chance for redemption. Although life-risking, it was Amir’s last chance to make things right again. Doing so, he gave Sohrab a better life he deserved, making Amir feel redeemed.

Near the beginning of the novel, it was essential for Amir to gain the approval and affection of Baba. Baba’s wife had died during Amir’s birth, which makes Amir feel guilty. Throughout his childhood, Amir felt like he was responsible for his mother’s death, thinking was why his father did not love him. Determined for restoration, Amir wins a kite running tournament, making his father proud of him. Growing up, Baba always said that Amir would never stand up for himself and be a true man. When older, Baba had grown sick of cancer and Amir looked after him. Despite the inability to prove his manhood, Amir’s father died proud of him. This, of course, was not good enough for Amir to live satisfied. Later on, Amir had learned that Baba had wronged Ali. Both Baba and Amir had betrayed their faithful and loyal friends, and it was only right for Amir to atone for them. Rescuing Sohrab would prove to Amir that he is in fact the man his father wanted...

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