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Approval Ratings Fall For Once Popular President Barack Obama

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It is not uncommon for a President’s approval rating to go down after he makes a big decision that involves a lot of American lives. So naturally, it is not hard to see why Barack Obama’s rating has fallen dramatically since he ordered the deployment of over 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. He believes this will help end the conflict there, but many Americans don’t see it that way. Many are worried about the time frame he has set for the troops withdraw and eventual trip home. Eighteen months is a very short time to end a war that has been dragging on for almost a decade against an enemy that has an obvious advantage due to their knowledge of the terrain. History has shown us the difficulties of war, especially without public support. I believe Barack is giving the people false hopes, and its not hard to see from the opinion polls that others feel the same way.
Many people may be asking themselves why we need to send more troops to Afghanistan. President Obama says “our security is at stake”( This will nearly triple our forces in that country and strengthen what we already have set in place there. ”Those deployments include a 4,000-strong contingent of trainers from the 4th brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division, 17,000 other combat troops, a 2,800-strong combat aviation brigade and thousands of support forces whose placement was not publicly announced, the Pentagon said”(Washington Post). The deployment of more troops will not come without a price. Aside from the lives that will ultimately be lost the war will cost the US “$30 billion for the first year alone”( Back in April, Obama seemed to be a little skeptical about sending more troops. In a television interview he said “he had "resourced properly" the strategy. Asked how he would handle requests from commanders for more troops, he said: "What I will not do is to simply assume that more troops always result in an improved situation. . . . There may be a point of diminishing returns"(Washington Post). Obama seems to have changed his mind since then. This is evident as he has ordered the forces in Afghanistan to be tripled. He seems to think that more troops is in fact the answer. In my opinion its not the amount of soldiers we send that is a problem, its the time frame in which they will be there.
Obama plans to begin withdraw after 18 months. This is one of the big reasons why his support has dropped so dramatically. Many feel that isn’t long enough and is unrealistic. Others feel he shouldn’t even put a time frame on the withdraw. “Republicans reacted warily, as well. Officials said Sen. John McCain, who was Obama’s Republican opponent in last year’s presidential campaign, told Obama at an early...

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