Prescription Drugs Among Law Enforcement Essay

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Essay - Amanda GoransonPrescription drugs come in many forms, in order to help relieve individuals of their symptoms. Each individual has a unique chemical make-up that will affect how their bodies react to different forms of chemical substances contained within the formulary make-up of prescription drugs.A particular drug may cause hyperactivity in one individual while at the same time that same exact drug may cause another individual to fall asleep. It is extremely important that the directions given with the drug are followed closely and that if any adverse reactions occur, the administrating doctor is notified as soon as possible.Let us visualize that a heavy equipment operator was prescribed a simple allergy medication, which is suppose to be made of a non-drowsy formula. He took the first dose in the morning hours before coming in to work. Now, because the medicine is not thought to be a danger, he does not inform his boss of this prescription; he does not even consider that he should inform his boss. The operator begins his day wondering why he feels so tired so early. He just figures that he must not have slept well the night before and makes a mental note to go to bed an hour early tonight. Approximately two hours later, the operator drives the earth mover smack into a parked bulldozer. Fortunately nobody was hurt. The operator had fallen asleep at the wheel. When considering this scenario, one has to stop and just ponder about human ignorance. Individuals get in a rush a lot of the time and do not think about the consequences of even the simplest things in life.Privacy is a big part of why individuals and employees do not want to disclose any kind of information, especially if there is an underlying emotional or physical condition that may be cause a form of embarrassment. They may be on medications that are for maintenance of their migraines. Some of those medications used for maintaining migraine sufferers are anti-depressants. In today's world there are so many assumptions and stereotypes that have caused multiple individuals to hide behind this wall of privacy.What if the aforementioned scenario was about a police officer that falls asleep at the wheel while on patrol? Would you feel safe knowing that the officer could run over a child because he did fall asleep at the wheel? Individuals that have a position, in any form, in law enforcement should report any and all medications that are being taken or have been taken in the past. If said individual did not inform their supervisor, some form of consequence should be implemented.Other chemical reactions can happen that also place the officer and every citizen, they took an oath to protect, into danger of all levels. Some chemical reactions could be nauseas, restlessness, shortness of breath, dizziness… just to list a few. If said officer suffered from dizziness as a chemical reaction, how well do you think his aim or balance...

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