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Apps And Autism Essay

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In Ithaca, New York there is a 7-year-old autistic boy who only spoke to his parents (e.g. I want drink.) Once he was introduced to a horse and an i pad in a special program called Strides. Luke, in an eight-week program using his i pad was able to have his first two-way conversation. He was able to communicate feelings, and express to his friends about how he lost his first tooth. In just this eight-week program Luke is on a whole different playing field when it comes to communication with the help of a tablet.
Autism has a variety of treatments and therapies. Some have proven affective others have no affect. Applications and tablets are a new way of therapy for autistic children. The ...view middle of the document...

The i Pad is not a “miracle device” for children with autism. Some are against the use of tablets for autistic children. Due to the child becoming obsessive over the tablet. Parents are also concerned about the affordability of the tablets, and for those who can not afford feel that there may be something out there that can support their child’s development, but that they can’t access it.
The Parker Autism Foundation in North Carolina raises about $10,800 a year. Just this foundation alone can fund 54 tablets for children with autism. There are over 32 large foundations exactly like this. The funding for tablets is there. Most tablets have parental settings, and this will allow the parent to time the length of which the child can use the tablet. If the tablet is the only source of communication then the parent is able to block usage of applications and unblock them when appropriate.

Tablets give the capability to communicate for children with autism. Traditional assisted speech-generating devices can be cumbersome and heavy, and children tend to abandon them due to lack of interest with their limited communication options. The tablet is a great alternative. “The Strides” program puts children on horseback and gives each family i Pads equipped with speech-generating applications. The unique therapeutic approach has helped children reach significant breakthroughs in communication, both verbally and through effective use of the device generating applications. The tablet is small, light weight, and easy to carry around. Tablets also have many types of speech-generating applications for a wide variety of children and their special needs. They also provide speech activities that can give the child the tools they need to read and understand prepositions and other learning activities based on speech.
Autistic children benefit from using tablets and applications when guided by the teacher for in class use. Children with autism tend to be visual thinkers. This means that people with autism think in pictures, and they do not think in language. Pictures are...

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