Apps For High Schools Essay

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Schools which have implemented smart phone use in schools can provide students with certain apps geared towards success. However, these apps vary according to platform.
iPhone Apps
(Ng, 2013), identified several iPhone Apps that are useful for school.
1. Astrid Tasks/To-do List – this is like having your own personal assistant as it allows you to make a perfect to-do list. Tasks can be organized using voice memos, reminders, lists which can be accessed anywhere by just syncing it with Collaboration and communication are effective strategies used in classrooms and this App allows students to collaborate and work on projects and then sharing them via email or social networking ...view middle of the document...

2. Evernote – this is a note taking app. It allows the students to sync notes across several devices from smartphones to tablets to desktops or laptops. This can create notes, record voice reminders and even take pictures for example of pages in textbooks.
3. My class schedule – this helps students to keep organized and keep uptodate with their classes, projects, tests etc. The students are able to use a feature of the app which allows them to schedule their class life on daily or weekly basis. It also includes features such as overview of grade which enables them to track their progress in each class.
4. Math Tools for students – this app is an ideal tool for students who are studying math, physics or engineering. It has specific topics that it covers for example logs, factorial, binomial theorem and others in math.

Other Apps that would be beneficial to students include identified by Mashable (2012) include:
1. The chemical touch – touch-sensitive periodic table for chemistry.
2. Essentials by AccelaStudy – study guide for foreign language which a core subject for high schools.
3. Evernote Peek – this app turns iPad and smart cover into makeshift flashcards.
4. Frog Dissection – this app uses 3D images for studying the detailed internal organs of a frog without experiencing the messy and...


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