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Through out this novel, a lot of tragic and powerful events transpire. They make the reader think quite a bit on what they have just read and after this, you tend to react. These events and occurrences are the main idea behind the story and they continue to constantly grab your attention and you keep you focused on what is going on in the novel. However, too many big impact and negative events take away from the story and it's traditional role of focusing on one major element through out the book. The reader is ceased of time to actually think about what has just happened, before something else suddenly does.Beatrice Culleton has a liking for an eventful novel and it is definitely noticeable. In the first chapter of this book, we learn that April and her younger sister, Cheryl are taken away their parents, due to a severe alcohol problem. From here in, the negative events start to occur. After April and Cheryl are removed from their family home, they tend to grow independent and look out for each other. Along these lines, they endure many challenges and new experiences. They end up going to endless foster homes during their child hood years. The two of them travel from home to home and are involved in different situations at each. One of the worst environments from both of the girls was at the DeRosier residence.After April begins to form into a mature woman and moves on with her life, she ends up moving to the city of Winnipeg living in the core of downtown. At this point, she begins to see the occasional man every now and then, due to her acquaintances at her law firm office. Just when you thought everything was going good for April, things take a turn for the un-expected. The man who April believed was a wholesome, respectful business associate was nothing more than a cheating coward going behind his wife's back to see April. Although this is a serious problem, I couldn't help it laugh when this was mentioned in the novel. The reason being, is how many things can go wrong for April at this point? She's had a rocky childhood, troubles at work with co-workers, and now this?The second most striking and shocking event that Culleton brought upon the reader was in Chapter 12, when April was raped while in the car. It was not only bad enough that Cheryl was in the hospital prior to this, due to severe injuries after...

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