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The development of innovative products always arises from different steps and procedures. One of these procedures is ideation. What is ideation? The term ideation could be elucidated as the process of relating and forming new ideas by conceiving, generating, and implementing them (ideas). It is crucial to point out that it comprises of a several stages of intellectual cycles such as innovation, development, and actualization. According to (Cooper and Edgett, 2008), brainstorming is one of the best techniques of ideation because it provides a variety of ideas. Furthermore, brainstorming allows an individual to borrow from different people in order to have a perfect direction when implementing the idea. This paper discusses the ideation process, alternative concepts, and solutions in ideation and provides an overview of a concept on the iPhone 5C model.
The ideation process constitutes of several steps, which include defining the objectives, formulating tasks, generating ideas, developing concepts, and results evaluation. To begin with, generation of ideas is carried out to help in problem solving. This owes to the reality that having the best ideas is imperative to finding the best solutions. Cooper and Edgett (2008) note that several methods help to generate ideas. For instance, considering the voice of the customers determines their insight on the new product. This is because it helps in identifying what they wish to have, their level of satisfaction, and possible improvements on the product.
The generated ideas are then filtered to come up with the best solution or innovation out of the new technology. This is whereby, generated ideas are screened for the best solutions depending on factors such as, customers’ preferences, costs, and risks involved in the production of the product. The best ideas then move to the validation process, which is among the final steps of ideation. This step involves selecting the best ideas after screening all the ideas. The validated ideas are used for development of concepts that create...

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