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Arab and Israel Conflict, 1948-Present. The Arab Israel conflict began from the start of Zionism, Jewish people taking over Palestinian land, and becoming a state of Israel. This is the major cause of the Palestinian hatred toward Israelis. Also the their different religions are a conflict causing fighting and a reason to start wars. From 1948, when Israel became a nation their has been conflicts between Arab people against the Jewish Israelis up to this very day. These conflicts will still be heard on the news and in the papers in the near future. After the Holocaust from World War II were millions of Jews were killed Zionism reared up causing millions of Jews to flock to the area that will become known Israel. Zionism is the belief that Jews should live in an area free of persecution were they have their own nation and can live by themselves. This Idea was brought back by Theodor Herzl who created this belief into a political movement. His goals or Zionist goals were to have a national home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. Also that the Balfour Doctrine was interpreted that they were going to become a state. In May 14th, 1948 Israel is declared a state and are recognized by the USSR, the U.S., and followed by other countries. David Ben-Gurion became head of the provisional government and announced Israel's becoming a state. He was born in Poland and his 2 family was very enrolled in the belief of Zionism. On may 15 war was declared against Israel by the following countries: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. They attacked because they believed that their Palestinian, Arab brothers should have rights to the land and they did not want them their because it was a holy place also for the Arabs and did not want to share. This War called the War of Independence and was the Bloodiest war of all the wars against Israel. 6,373 were killed in action this was almost 1% of the population. One of the major reasons that Israel won was because the attacks from all these countries were at different times and were not in unison so that the Israelis could fight each group and not have to split up their army. also they were using arms made and delivered by the United States. November of 1947 to April of 1948 the main attackers were Palestinian and Arabs and once Israel defeated them and the Haganah which became later known as Israel's Defense Force. These forces took over all of the Palestinian land and held control of this land for some time. The war lasted from November of 1947 to July of 1949. In 1956 Operation Kadesh lasting only 100 hours were the Israelis took over the entire Sinai peninsula. They only lost 231 soldiers from the Reserve unit and consists of mostly armored tanks. This was lead by the Chief of the General Staff, Moshe Dayan. After the taking of the Sinai peninsula Israel was forced by...

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