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Arabian Horses Essay

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The black Arabian stallion dances across the paddock, unaware of the gray gelding that stands old and unwanted in the pasture next to him. The black flags his flamboyant silky tail and bolts, startled by a shiny black Lexus. He runs indirectly towards the white wooden fence that separates himself and the old gelding. He tosses his nose to the wind; nostrils flaring, and catches scent of the other horse. He neighs, beckoning, but the old horse only flicks an ear in his direction, uncaring of the pounding hooves a mere three meters away. The black turns away, marveling and wondering at the old horse, but a white bag startles him, and he spooks into the wind, the sun dancing of his satin ...view middle of the document...

The joints of the legs are flat, and the pasterns are sloping. The chest is broad, and the feet are hard and well-formed” (Ransford, 24). “Arabians generally have one less vertebra than other breeds, which, in turn, means they have one less rib, making them shorter in the back than other breeds” (Pickeral, 30). This enables them to carry larger riders smoothly. Arabians are also highly prized because of their intelligence, sensitivity and willingness to work with people. This comes from years of trusting the Bedouins who would take them into their tents during sandstorms which effectively developed a strong bond between Arabians and their owners. As most would agree, the Arabian is intelligent in breed, beautiful in style, sensitive and adaptable, and the best asset to the horse world.

In the late 1970’s, things began to change and the Arabian’s beauty actually hurt the breed and wreaked havoc among reputable Arabian breeders. “After the movie The Black Stallion was released in 1978, the Arabian, with its flowing mane and tail and spirited carriage, became even more recognizable…Many breeding farms and shows played up this desire to own these beautiful animals, and catered to wealthy owners” (Biggs 70). This incited the slow decline of the breed.

The people invested in Arabians didn’t necessarily have to ride or be involved with the horse; they just turned out at a show and view their horse performing. Not knowing any better, no one argued when the horses were brought into the arena wide-eyed and wild as it appeared to make them more beautiful. The audiences were always thrilled when the horse reared and spun, creating an effectual living art, but doing nothing for the breed's reputation.

Eventually events eventuated, and the big mistake happened when breeders began to cater exclusively to the public and put down colts that were undesirable because they needed so many mares. They also began to focus on bloodline and looks only, and lost the hub of a family-friendly sport horse. Though the Arabian was already suffering black marks on their almost impeccable history, worse things were yet to come. The 1970’s had severely corrupted the breed, and breeders were wondering if any part of the once grand Arabian could be salvaged.

Already corrupted by the 1970’s, the Arabians experienced their worst pitfall when the Tax Reform Act of 1986 hit and the public was suddenly cutback on any of their deductions. Tax shelters were no longer advantages and people worrying about getting a tax audit resulted in a rush to dump off their horses as fast as they could. In upshot of this, the horse market was overrun by Arabians that were virtually useless. “The Arabian horse’s reputation was tarnished among true horse people who felt that the breed had become flighty and unreliable” (Biggs 73). Therefore, nobody wanted the once quasi-immaculate breed any longer. Breeders who had tried to keep the family sport horse alive were of the opinion that the...

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