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Are the Israelis displaced refugees just looking for a home land? Or ruthless invaders? Are the palestinians freedom fighters? Or cold hearted terrorists? The films Occupation 101, Ross Kemp Gaza and Israel, and Israel is a Victim of Palestinian Terrorism and Islāmic Jihad all attempt to explain.

Occupation 101 follows the events that led to the Jewish “occupation” of Israel. Although the film is remarkable biased towards the Palestinian viewpoint, it brings up some very interesting and valid points. One major point that the film focuses on is the ratio of Jewish to Palestinians when Israel was founded. Another important point that Occupation 101 brings up is the United States’s continual support of Israel, the film attempts to illustrate the effect this has had on regular people, mainly Palestinians, in Israel. Allowing the Israelis to violate international laws by demolishing Palestinian houses for Jewish settlements and building the West Bank Wall without fear of reprisal. The documentary also attempted to highlight the reasons for the United State’s perpetual support of the Jewish State. One major reason examined is lobby groups like AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) which have major political power. These lobby groups have convince the United States to use it’s veto power over 40 times to help Israel. Finally Occupation 101 compares the Palestinian fight with Israel to be much like the civil rights movement in the USA, the IRA’s fight in Ireland, and the apartheid in South Africa. This portrayal of Palestinian forces as freedom fighters battling an oppressive force is one of the defining themes in Occupation 101.

Another Film that supports the Palestinian point of view is Ross Kemp Gaza, although less biased it still attempts to sway viewers towards the Palestinian side. This film focused mainly on the different points of view within the arab world. It shows the major discrepancy between the extremists and the common Palestinian people. Many of the common people who were interviewed wanted peace, dispute many of them have suffered extensive losses personal loses because of Jewish operations like cast lead. Extremists within the arab world however continue to attempt to destroy the Jewish state at any cost. One of the most dramatic scenes is the interview of a suicide bomber. This 24 year old lawyer says “war brings war and peace brings peace”, bring to light the utter determination of the Palestinian militant groups to fight till peace...

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