Arabs In The Eyes Of The American Media

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Arabs in the Eyes of the American Media 1995, the federal building in Oklahoma City was bombed. Total deaths in the attack was168. Few years after that, you were sitting in your living room watching TV and then breakout news on every channel announced the bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Dozens are either injured or dead. People who were accused of both attacks by the media were the ARABS. That's why I am going to talk today about Arabs and how they presented by the American Media.It becomes very clear to everyone who lives in this country for few years that most of Americans build their knowledge and make decisions on how to look at people from other cultures from what they watch on TV or at the movies. The media in the US has found a replacement word for the word Arabs, this new word is terrorism. In the media right now when ever they talk about terrorism they have to include Arabs even if they have nothing to do with the terrorist attack that took place. It is true that there were few attacks on some American targets in the Middles East. But have you ever thought why these attacks committed against American targets only? Not European or Russian targets. Is it because Arabs hate Americans? Or there are other reasons? The United States was involved in the Middle East for a long time. The deep involvement started by the Arab Israeli wars, continued through the gulf war against Iraq, and stayed until today. People who live in the Middle East don't like the presence of the US forces in their countries. Even though the US helped to push Iraq out of Kuwait, most of the people in the gulf right now refuse the idea of US presence in the area because they believe that Iraq invasion for Kuwait was planned between the US and Iraq but then the US turned and fought against Iraq so the US would take control the oil sources in the gulf.The media in the US is accusing all Arabs of being terrorists all the time. There are many examples for that. The first example is the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City few years ago. When the bombing took place media around the US pointed fingers at Arab Americans and accused them of planning the attack. Many Arabs had to stay in their homes after the bombings because some Arabs were beaten in the streets by Americans. Few moths later the FBI found that the attack was planned completely by a white American who by the way was just executed this morning. Did the media at least apologize for Arab Americans? The media didn't even admit that it have done a mistake by accusing Arabs.Accusations against Arabs throughout the media were not confined in newscasts only, but it included the movies also. Many movies were produced to show the Arab communities as nothing but places where terrorist organizations are being established. A good example for that will be the movie titled Rules of Engagement. In Rules of Engagement the movie showed that everyone who lives in Yemen hates the United States and...

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