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Arcadia Falls by Kai Meyer is the amazing conclusion to the Arcadia Trilogy. It is action-packed, heart-stopping and exciting in every way. I loved it!

In this book, we get to know more information about TABULA, the Arcadian legend, gaps in the crowd and of course why Rosa had been raped and how it connects to her *cough* father (or so she thinks). This book also introduces new characters such as the Malandras, the hybrids and Sigismondis.

Rosa is a badass. She doesn’t let her enemies falter or intimidate her; she stands her ground unlike the stereotypical damsel in distress. I could see how both Rosa and Alessandro slowly mature throughout the entire trilogy. I loved how Alessandro is always by her side and Rosa by his side. They are inseparable, not even if the entire mafia groups from their family can do anything about it.

They’re chemistry between each other is pretty clear throughout the book. In fact, they know each other so well that they don’t even have to say the three words!
She tried to find the right words, but there weren’t any. She could only say as she felt, even if it sounded clumsy or silly. What she did not say was: I love you. He’d know that for a long time. For the supporting characters, I absolutely love Iole and Fundling. Rosa’s and Alessandro’s relationship to Iole feels very motherly and fatherly. There are many times that leave an “aww” impression to me.
Iole confronted the pair of them. “Stop fighting or I’ll pretend to faint. Maybe I’ll scream a bit, too.” Dark tracks of mascara were drying on her cheeks.

Rosa put her arms around Iole.


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