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Arcelor Mittal in India : A Partnership Model for Corporate ResponsibilityDate - April 13, 2014To: Ritesh SinhaFrom: xyzSubject: Future course of action for Paryavaran Mitra, and Arcelor Mittal's role in the project.With reference to your request for a report on the possible course of action concerning Paryavaran Mitra, I have attached an analysis of the current situation along with the possible courses of action. I have also recommended a decision with an action plan to implement the same.Keeping in mind the objectives of Paryavaran Mitra, company's relationship with partners and the brand image of the company, I recommend that Paryavaran Mitra's timeline should be extended by another two years, in order to carry out impact assessment and make alterations if required.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:With three months away from completion of the project, and the impact of the program still looming at large, the company has to take a decision regarding the future course of action for Paryavaran Mitra and its role in the project.It is important for ArcelorMittal to maintain the brand image of the company and also maintain a good relationship with its partners. It can either choose to close the project as per the scheduled date and reallocated the remaining budget, or to extend the timeline of the project by another two years to carry out impact assessment and make alterations to the project if required. However, by extending the project, ArcelorMittal can evaluate the fulfillment of the objectives of the program and is also important in terms of the image of the company.It is recommended that ArcelorMittal should extended the project's timeline by two years and use this for the evaluation of the impact and if required make alterations to the project.[Word Count: 164]TABLE OF CONTENTS:Situational Analysis…………………………………...……….…………..…4-5The Problem Statement………………………..…………….…………………6The Options……………………………………...……………….…………….6Criteria for evaluation………………………...……………….……………….6Evaluation of options………………………………………..…...…………..6-7The Recommendation…………………………………………...………….....8Action...

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