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Analysis On Four Different Anthropological Projects From Around The World

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I chose four different anthropological projects from around the word in which I believe would be best for the Archaeology Conservancy to protect. I ranked these different projects based on quality of work, potential for public use, threatened nature, and heritage importance. I first reviewed the Mosfell Archeological project in Iceland. This area will construct a vivid picture of the human and environmental change in southwestern Ireland. The purpose of this project is to find the prehistory and early history of the Mosfell region. I also looked into the Pylos Regional Archaeological project. This project started in 1990 to look at prehistoric settlements in western Messenia, Greece. The Yaxuna project caught my attention because the project is in Yucatan, Mexico and I am Mexican. This project main concern is finding out more about the Mayan culture and way of life. My last site I would like to be protected is Jamestown Rediscovery. This project is based out of Virginia, the first known English colony in North America. The excavations began in 1994 and so far many artifacts have been found. The purpose of my research is in order for the Archaeology Conservancy, based out of New Mexico, to help continue these projects.
The Mosfell project has set goals which it would like to accomplish. The main goal of Mosfell is to find the prehistoric and historic artifacts of this region. They are seeking a more in-depth understanding of how this area evolved from its earliest form. The archaeologists involved have very definite goals which are achievable in the long term. The data they have found is presented in a journal type documentation in which they document each individual excavation year. The only details they provide about the excavations is that they are digging in quadrants of 2 by 2 meters. They also mention in a specific documentation in 1999 that they use magnetic and phosphate testing in an attempt to locate structures and graves in the area. They have many forms of publications for their study like books, research papers, and videos. They provide an extensive list on their website. The Mosfell project interacts with the Mosfellsbaer community and with the Museum of Iceland. They also corroborate with the United States Embassy of Iceland for monetary funding. Their website attempts to get information to reach a greater audience by including videos of what they are doing in Mosfell as well as some footage of them excavating. They do not offer programs for students to learn any methods in the archaeological field. I believe the intended the audience for the Mosfell website is for other archaeologists and for people interested in the Viking culture. I believe the purpose is to find more people who would like to help out with their intended research. This project is not competing with time because as of now no one is trying to destroy it. However, this area is very important to find out more about the Vikings. This area is fundamental for this...

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