Archetypes Of The Literary World And Media

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Fables and fairytales have been shared for centuries among the cultures of the world. Initially used as a method of moral teachings, stories were designed to reflect real life situations and trends. In every story, the personality of characters followed specific patterns associated with the role they fulfilled. These patterns are known as archetypes. By recognizing a character’s archetype, one gains a greater insight as to what the character’s responsibilities are. Similarly, by recognizing the archetypes present in an individual’s life, one gains a better understanding as to what the purpose of their existence is. By using the concept of archetypes, one can draw parallels between the plots ...view middle of the document...

In order for Parry to regain sanity, he must defeat the Red Knight, thus overcoming the guilt he feels and allowing him to move on with his life.
Next, The Bully in King Lear is Cornwall. Throughout the play he is seen bullying servants, Gloucester, Lear and many others. Cornwall uses the inheritance from Lear to dominate the empire in a tyrannical manner. He must be confronted or killed to stop him from instilling fear throughout the kingdom, and to end his power binge. (3.7. 22-26) “Pinion him like a thief, bring him before us. Though well we may not pass upon his life; without the form of justice yet out power shall do a court’sy to our wrath, which men, may blame, but not control.” – cornwall pg. 193-195. At this point in the play, Gloucester has been captured because his loyalty to the king has been made known. Rather than waiting to have a hearing, which would decide Gloucester’s punishment, Cornwall decides that ripping Gloucester’s eyes out would be an appropriate course of action. This depicts Cornwall’s tormenter traits because it demonstrates the decisions he makes simply because he feels like it. He is also merely using Gloucester as an example to the rest of his subjects. The fear Cornwall instills in his subjects is used to ensure they stay loyal to him. The only true way for him to retain power over the kingdom is by maintaining a large group of followers, even if they are only doing so to ensure they don’t get killed. Without them Cornwall technically has no power because the inheritance belongs to Regan therefore it is imperitive for him to be The Bully.

Continued is Percy The Bully of Fifth Business. “the afternoon had been humiliating for him, and when Percy was humiliated, he was vindictive.” – Dunstan (pg. 3). It is no secret that Percy bullied Dunstan throughout his childhood. Although the two were supposed to be “friends”, Dunstan always felt insecure around him. As time progressed and Percy grew into Boy, Dunstan’s feelings of insecurity around Boy continued especially in the case of Leola. INSERT QUOTE HERE
Second is The Guide. This is someone who teaches one of the beliefs and practices of religions around the world. They then go on to help one realize what effect these teachings have on their own lives. The Guide assists in the development of a person at a divine level, allowing their spirits to grow as wisdom is shared and passed down. Typically, this knowledge is gained by The Guide through personal experiences, sometimes even spiritual ones. In The Fisher King, Parry is Jack’s guide. His life lessons are seen at various points through out the movie including the moment when Jack gave Parry money. He had hoped that Parry would use this money to buy food, perhaps clean clothes, etc. but instead, Parry used the money to buy junk from a fellow hobo because he felt the other man needed it more. This act of kindness left Jack dumbfounded and slightly enraged. He could not comprehend why Parry would do that. Later on,...

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